International Work Force has a United States Department of "Labor Farm Labor Certificate of Registration" and various State licenses. Consequently, we are able to obtain H2A and H2B workers for our client.

For our clients that are in Farm Labor and related services we offer the following:

            We will sub contact all your agriculture related needs.  Our lead time is 60 days from the
  signing of a contract.  If necessary we can provide housing and transportation that meets the
  requirements of the various governmental agencies.

.           We can assist you in hiring good foreign employees in Mexico that will become your employees   for a reasonable fee.   We guarantee our employees and if for some reason an employee is unable
  to work we will replace him for free during the period of his contract.

For our clients that are in job classifications unrelated to Agriculture we offer the following:

a)            We will sub contract all work on an hourly bases at the same rates we offer to the Farm Labor
                related businesses.
b)            We can hire foreign or domestic employees for you and help you get the required employment

International Work Force is here to assist you with your needs.   Many of our clients have been with us
for years.  We look forward to doing business with you on a long term basis.



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